After Death, Then What?

I spent last evening at the wake for a beloved elder and teaching confirmation class we talked about dying and funerals. Bruce Van Tassel owner of Riewerts Memorial Home, who is also a church elder, gave the class a tour of the funeral home and explained the process of what happens when we die. It was an impressive presentation, but only part of the story.

What happens next? When we die will we be welcomed into heaven? How do we know where we will go? Jesus answered this question when a rich young man asked him about going to heaven. His response? Jesus told the man to obey the commandments and share of our possessions with the poor.

How well do we follow the commandments? Do we even know the commandments? How can we follow Jesus’ advice if we don’t know and follow these ten rules? Need to learn them? Come to the church. You can learn the commandments and a whole congregation will support you in obeying them.

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