God, Please Forgive Me

Blog Number Seven

I took a quick trip to Staples to pick up six small items. I found them rather quickly and began to wait on line. The line was rather long with only one cashier opened. This cashier, in between customers, called on the intercom for another cashier. He was calling out a male name but no man ever came. I hate lines but felt forced to put up the wait. I was getting aggravated.

Finally a woman came to open a second register and I was her first costumer. She scanned in the church rewards card, church credit card and the tax-exempt card. I was ready to sign when she realized that tax still had been charged. She explained that it was too late to void the order but she would scan the items as returns and start over. I sighed but went along with it.

She began for the second time and the tax-exempt card did not scan once again. She called a corporate number and explained the situation. Corporate told her that the tax-exempt network was down. We would have to pay tax now and come back in two days to get our tax payment refunded. I sighed twice as loud and said, “fine.”

The cashier finished the order but the computer would not authorize the charge that this order put on the Staples credit card. She had to call corporate again but a different number this time. Soon she was speaking to a lady and then handed the phone to me. Now I was speaking with a lady who explained to me that our credit limit was low and we had just exceeded it with this last purchase.

“This purchase had been authorized. We then did a return and re-purchased. If it was authorized once it can be authorized again.”

“Returns are not processed as fast as purchases. Until the return clears you are over your credit limit by $ 80.00.”

“This order couldn’t have reached our credit limit.”

“No but the check for your warehouse order hasn’t cleared yet so you are over the limit. If you are authorized you can ask for a higher credit limit.”

“How do I do that?”

“Ask me.”

“Now? On the phone?”


“Please raise my credit limit.”


“OK? It’s done?”

“Yes. Please put the cashier back on.”

And so I waited twenty minutes to do one six item transaction and have to return in two days to get our five-dollar rebate from sales tax. I was a bit steamed up.

Forty-eight hours ago I attended my wife’s presentation of her trip to Nicaragua with Global Health Outreach (GHO) of Christian Medical and Dental Associates. She described people living in poverty waiting out in the sun, and 90 degrees to see a doctor. Most of these folks had not seen a doctor since the last GHO mission six months before. Ten hours in the sun they waited for a doctor and I was griping about waiting twenty minutes for a sales transaction! What a sin.

God, I am arrogant, entitled and prideful. Please forgive me.

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