I sat in a gas station on Route 17 this morning. Of course I was impatient. I hate waiting and I really hate lines. The driver in front of me was even less patient. He sat and tapped his hand against the car door as he waited for the gas attendant to be finished. Six cars were getting fueled and the service was, understandably not that fast. Finally the car was full of gas and the attendant took the driver’s money. In his impatience the driver pulled out, not realizing that the gas hose was still attached to his car. This caused a great commotion as the attendant and manager ran after him urging him to stop. The hose was banging against the car.

My wait, and the wait of all those around me was now greater as we waited for the employees to sort things out and reattach the hose. An incident report had to be filled out. His impatience caused difficulties for all of us, including himself.

I guess the lesson of the day is that impatience causes trouble for us and all of those around us. Certain things come at the proper time and cannot be rushed. Our impatience can cause problems for others.

“Be patient,” we are told in scripture. “Wait for the Lord.” As hard as this can be it might be something worth practicing.

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