Twenty-six Hours

Blog Number Ten

An important series of missions took place in Bergenfield over the past twenty-six hours, engineered and carried out by a small, elite force of disciples of Jesus. I am in awe of what this group accomplished.

This group hosted a community dinner for twenty-seven people, conducted two worship services, educated Sunday School children, conducted an animal blessing service, and educated a class of confirmation class. During this period six seekers were introduced to the love of Christ. And two complete strangers walked into the church for the first time and were greeted by mentoring Christians.

Well done, men and women of Clinton Avenue Reformed Church! You have done well for Jesus.

I am grateful that God has given me this wonderful group of Christian men and women to work with. Most folks have to work with people of less dedication. I get to work with energized Christian men and women and I will always be grateful that God has given me this gift.

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