On-Line Prayer

Each Monday evening a group of our members gather on-line with Skype technology to hold a prayer group. Our prayer list, which started out as a very small list, has grown. Our most faithful prayer lady told me this evening that our list now numbers ninety individuals and/or families. I am in awe. Ninety people or families entrust us and ask us to pray for them. What a privilege this is to be able to pray for others. There is power in prayer and I am honored to be a part of it.

We publish this list once each month during our healing services that we hold during worship services. At various times a few people have urged us to “pare down” the list, as it gets long. For me, longer is better. A church that does not desire to pray is really not a true church. One thing that marks our congregation as a true church is our prayers that we offer for people in need; those whom we know and those whom we have never met.

You are invited to join us each Monday evening to join in our prayers. Instructions for joining us each week is posted on our Facebook page. Come and join us in prayer. It not only helps those that we pray for. It also changes us as we pray. We benefit from this prayer ministry. You are invited to join us.

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