When Is A Jersey Diner a Jersey Diner?

Blog Number 13

I met a friend last night. He needed to talk over some things. We went to a diner that I had never been to before. The dinner was on a road that I don’t think I had ever been on. It did not look like and old style diner. It was newer architecture. There was even a carpet on the floor that looked clean. Growing up in Jersey City Diners I get nervous at clean carpets in diners. There were few people in the place. I was looking for the crowd. Few people, new architecture, clean carpet? Was I really in a diner?
The smells of the kitchen came to me as I read the menu. A gabby waitress came to the table and told me about the daily specials and more about her private life than I really wanted to hear. I began to feel at home as she talked. I was slowly getting to the point that I could over look the clean rug and the lack of customers.
The meal was cheap, the food was good, and the company was wonderful. It had all the elements of a wonderful diner. What more could I want? It is a diner that is worthy of the title “Jersey Diner.”
What makes a church a church? Does it have to be full so that no chair is empty? We are small and there are empty chairs. Does it have to have a choir larger than a small country? Our church has a small choir also. Does it have to have a preacher as good as Billy Graham? I’m no Billy Graham, I assure you of that.
What makes a church a church? If a good greeting, being feed with God’s word, singing praise to God and praying to God makes us a church then we are a church and a good one. You are invited to come and join us. It is a real church and you will have an opportunity to feast on the word of God, lift your prayers, and greet and be greeted by a brother or sister in Christ.

Come, join in. We are saving a seat for you.

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