Let’s Get Cleaning

Blog Number Fourteen

Friday I celebrated my day off by doing my annual ritual of preparing my back porch for the cold weather. This involves taking fourteen screens out of the window frames out, taking storm windows out of the storage space, washing the windows and placing them where the screens were. This is a job that I don’t like to do but is seasonally necessary. Perhaps the most difficult part is washing each window. They collect a great deal of dirt throughout the year. This reminds me of a great truth in life: dirt collects naturally but it takes effort to keep them clean.
None of us are pure. We can collect dirt without even thinking about it. Our thoughts are often not pure and our behavior is not always what we expect it to be. It takes regular cleaning to keep ourselves from getting consumed by the things that can make us less than as pure as we strive to be. The Holy Spirit daily renews us but we need also to be striving through prayer, worship, good thoughts and actions that honor Jesus to do our part in keeping the dirt at bay.
Feeling a bit dirty? Get cleaning. The cleaner we are the more we can attract others and then we are in a better position to tell others who we work for; Jesus the risen Christ. Men and women of Jesus, let’s get cleaning.

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