Curious Minds

Blog Number Fifteen

This is a tribute to the four wonderful young people that I teach in my confirmation class.
Confirmation class frequently stirs up apprehension among ministers. I remember as an intern being assigned confirmation class teaching. My supervising minister told me that he enjoyed having interns who could do this job because that was one job that he never enjoyed doing. Since that time, over my past thirty years of ministry I have heard a number of my peers decrying having to teach these classes. Call me odd but I enjoy these classes. I enjoy teaching kids.
Maybe I missed my calling and should have become a schoolteacher. Maybe I spent too much time listening to my father talk about being a schoolteacher. Maybe I simply enjoy doing what most people don’t like to do. I don’t know what the reason is but I find teaching confirmation class to be a wonderfully fulfilling part of being pastoring a congregation.

I get in late on Sunday evenings after teaching the class. It takes a few hours of my week to prep for each class. Are these things burdens for some? I find them to be joys. What is a greater thrill than being with a child who asks the difference between having a sports role model and a sports idol that would break the commandments against idol worship? What is better than answering a teen-agers question about why there aren’t more commandments over and above the existing ten? I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than to talk with teens about what honoring you father and mother really means when parents can be totally “annoying.”

The minds of children really are curious. They ask some of the best questions I have ever heard. They have a love of learning that is genuine and refreshing. Jesus tells us to make disciples and that is what confirmation class is all about. What better joy could a pastor have?

Thank you, students. You are a joy to me each and every week.

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