March 8, 2016 2016 Blog Number 68 #Clinton Avenue Reformed Church Rice, Striped Bass and Holy Communion

March 8, 2016

2016 Blog Number 68

#Clinton Avenue Reformed Church

Rice, Striped Bass and Holy Communion

An elder and I spent a fascinating day doing communion visits yesterday. All of our visits are somewhat interesting but yesterday was exceptional. We first visited a former marine. He was in quite a bad mood. His complaint was that his assisted living facility had served him rice for dinner at night and then again for lunch yesterday. His complaint was that he doesn’t eat rice, doesn’t like rice, and doesn’t want it near his plate. He was deployed with the Marines in 1946 in China and ate rice as the staple of his diet. He swore when he got home that he would never eat rice again. He complained and ranted about being served rice until finally our elder asked if he was ready for communion. He sat up straight in the chair, took off his hat and said, “yes.” There was no more talk about rice.

Our second visit was with a man and his girlfriend in another assisted living facility. He had a different obsession. He thought that soon he would be going out on a fishing boat for some afternoon fishing. The man seemed disappointed when I told him that our elder and I would not be going out on the trip. He wanted us to accompany him and his friend out on his fishing trip. He wanted to catch striped bass. Prominently on his nightstand he has a picture of himself holding a very large striped bass that he had caught when he was younger and enjoyed life more. It was a huge fish. I’m guessing that it was about three feet long. The bass was his obsession until, once again, our elder asked if he wanted communion. His talk of fish and fishing ended. We had his attention. He enjoyed our prayers and communion. The boat had left his thoughts.

Both of these gentlemen in the declining years of life preferred to live in their memories. The memories of their youth and strength gave them respites from their daily lives. Yet, in the present, they found peace at the table of the Lord. If your present is not as good as you desire, I invite you to come to Christ’s table. You might just find the peace that you seek. We celebrate the Lord’s supper each month at Clinton Avenue Reformed Church. Come and partake. On a lighter note, these two men put an idea in my head. A piece of broiled fish served on a bed of rice sounds pretty good. I may have to take a trip to the fish store this week.


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