Our Daily Elder Devotional: We Wait on God

Our Daily Elder Devotional

We claim no originality for these devotions. One of our elders searches various sources and finds a daily devotion. Consider this a gift from Clinton Avenue Reformed Church: www.clintonave.org.

Sometimes in order to clarify the verse for the day, I include more than one translation.  Why do I do that?  Each one conveys the exact same message that God has for each us in a different way.  The Spirit of God talks to us through His Word.  The message is never my message, it is the message of the One who keeps the Universe alive and in motion.  I am blessed that you allows me to share what I have been taught through the grace of God with you.

Today’s devotional comes from “Hope for Each Day” by Billy Graham.

We Wait on God

Isaiah 40:31Amplified Bible (AMP)

31 But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him]

Will gain new strength and renew their power;

They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun];

They will run and not become weary,

They will walk and not grow tired.

Nowhere does the Bible teach that Christians are exempt from tribulation and natural disaster.  We live in a world infected with the disease of sin and we share in its misery and pain.

But the Bible does teach that we can face trials with a power that others do not have—the power of God.  As we trust Him, God helps us endure and even discern His purposes in the midst of suffering.  Christiana Tsai, the Christian daughter of a former governor in China, wrote, “Throughout my many years if illness (53 years), I have never dared to ask God why He allowed me to suffer so long.  I only ask what He wants me to do.

The eagle has the unique ability to lock its joints and sour effortlessly on an updraft, instead of flapping its wings.  As we wait on God, He helps us use the wings of adversity to soar above our problems.  As the Bible says, “Those who wait on the Lord…shall mount up with wings like eagles.”

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