Our Daily Elder Devotional:

Our Daily Elder Devotional
We claim no originality for these devotions. One of our elders searches various sources and finds a daily devotion. Consider this a gift from Clinton Avenue Reformed Church: www.clintonave.org.

Today’s devotional is from my heart to you.

Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

Matthew 6:34New International Version (NIV)

34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Make no mistake, there is a difference between “living in the moment” and “living for today”.  When we “live for today,” we deny our rich future in heaven with God.  In fact some people turn their back on God, because “we only have today”.  As a Christian we need to “live in the moment”.  This means that we concentrate on living but fully knowing that we are on our way to a glorious time in heaven with God.  If we neglect that, we rob ourselves of the special time that we have right here and right now.  That does not mean that we should not plan for the future, it means that we must “live” a life that is pleasing to God in the present time.

This also is true with the past.  Don’t spend time going over and over past mistakes.  Learn from them and make today, this time right now, better as a result of your experiences.

This is also true of the future.  We don’t want to spend our time trying to live in the future, stressing out about what if this happens and what if that happens.  We cannot change the past nor the future, we can only live each moment as God intended – to the fullest.  Since God is in control of the world, trust Him to care for you.

Luke 12:26-28Amplified Bible (AMP)

26 So if you are not even able to do a very little thing [such as that], why are you worried about the rest? 27 Consider the lilies and wildflowers, how they grow [in the open field]. They neither labor nor spin [wool to make clothing]; yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory and splendor dressed himself like one of these.28 But if this is how God clothes the grass which is in the field today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, how much more will He clothe you? You of little faith!

Luke 12:6-7Amplified Bible (AMP)

Are not five sparrows sold for two [a]copper coins? Yet not one of them has[ever] been forgotten in the presence of God. Indeed the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not be afraid; you are far more valuable than many sparrows.


  1. Luke 12:6 Gr assarion, a Roman coin equal to a 16th of a denarius (the denarius was counted as a day’s wages for an unskilled worker).


Find something that you personally can make a difference in this world.  Pray about what God has for you to do.  By funneling that energy that we waste on living in the past and worrying about the future, we can do a better job of living today and furthering God’s plans.  As Robert A. Cook used to say: “walk with the King today, and be a blessing”.

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