He Came to Save

Our new daily devotional will be a re-post from Words Of Hope. We re-post this with permission of Words of Hope. God bless you!

He Came to Save
December 12, 2019

Read: Hebrews 9:11-28

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. (1 Tim. 1:15)

G. K. Chesterton converted from atheism to Roman Catholic Christianity as a young man. When people asked him why, he replied, “To get rid of my sins” (The Autobiography of G. K. Chesterton).

Christ’s advent brought many wonderful things into the world, but it’s important not to forget the most basic and important one for each of us: personal salvation. Jesus came to save sinners, to deliver us from the guilt and penalty of sin, and finally from sin’s very presence. To do that, he went to the cross and offered himself as the sacrifice for our sin. The book of Hebrews makes much of the fact that forgiveness has always required the shedding of sacrificial blood. Hebrews says flatly that without that blood there is no forgiveness (Heb. 9:22). We may wonder why, but we cannot doubt that it’s true—unless we think we know more about God than the Bible does.

Hebrews also insists that with Jesus’ death the true sacrifice for sin has been offered, once for all. Jesus has done what all those animal sacrifices could never finally accomplish. He has “put away sin” (v. 26), wiped out sin’s guilt and broken sin’s power, for all who believe in him. Nothing more ever needs to be offered by anyone in payment for the sin of the world. But Jesus will come again, not to deal with sin—he’s already done that—but to set us free from sin’s presence forever (v. 28). —David Bast

As you pray, give thanks for the gift of salvation.

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