The Time Is Now

Our new daily devotional will be a re-post from Words Of Hope. We re-post this with permission of Words of Hope. God bless you!

The Time Is Now
April 27, 2020

Read: Esther 4

And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this? (v. 14)

I appreciate the many displays of God’s power and provision contained in the Old Testament. Only God could envision wiping the earth clean with a flood (Genesis 7) or parting the Red Sea to give the Israelites safe passage (Exodus 14). Only God would anoint a shepherd boy to kinghood (1 Samuel 16:13) or include a prostitute in the family line that would eventually include Christ (Matthew 1:5).

And here, only God would allow a Jew to catch the eye of King Xerxes when Haman had his ear and only power satisfied his hunger. The disgraced Vashti had dared defy the king, and Esther quickly found herself in the running for the title of queen and undoubtedly a life of luxury.

Could Esther have sat idly by, adopted her new life, and forgotten the plight of her people? She could have, but Mordecai wouldn’t let her. When the going got tough for the Jews, her uncle applied the pressure.

At times we all need an Uncle Mordecai; someone to press us to look past our current blessings and see how we might bless others. Is there someone in your life who is helping you consider the bigger picture? Does God have you somewhere important right now to fulfill his greater plan? —Joy Petroelje

As you pray, consider how you may best share your blessings.

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