The Reason for Hope

Our new daily devotional will be a re-post from Words Of Hope. We re-post this with permission of Words of Hope. God bless you!

The Reason for Hope
June 22, 2020

Read: 1 Peter 3:13-22

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. (v. 15 NIV)

Some news is just too good to keep to ourselves. With beaming faces, we tell complete strangers why we are happy: a new baby, a promotion, a clean bill of health after a long bout with disease. Our belief in Christ ought to be like that, too. Christians should radiate a joy that requires explanation. We should display so much hope that strangers ask us why.

Amarjeet lives in a little town in northern India where people speak a language called Garhwali. Less than one percent of Amarjeet’s people are Christians. Religion in the Garhwal region is a mixture of animism and Hinduism, which results in many occultic practices and a strong belief in magic. In such a remote place, it seemed like there was little hope for Amarjeet to hear about Jesus. But Amarjeet received a radio from a local pastor and was told about a Christian radio program he could listen to. Through God’s grace, Amarjeet has now found hope. He attends church regularly and has been baptized.

Better still, the story doesn’t end there. Amarjeet decided to share his reason for hope with several of his friends and family members, and they too have given their lives to Christ. “I came to know about Jesus by listening to radio,” says Amarjeet. “Now I share the good news with others, and tell them about the radio station as well.” —Megan Nollet, WOH staff

As you pray, ask God to fill you with hope so that others will be drawn to you.

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