Willing Hands for God’s Work

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Willing Hands for God’s Work
May 23, 2021

Read: Acts 19:8-12; 23-41

And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul. (v. 11)

One of the overriding themes that we see regarding Paul in the book of Acts is the fierce determination and courage he displays in the face of opposition. Everyone, it seemed, was against him: the Jews opposed him; the Greeks opposed him; the merchants opposed him; and still he carried on. Still he proclaimed Jesus as Savior and Lord to whoever would listen. And people listened!

Often when we face opposition from people who oppose the gospel, we back down. We retreat to our Christian huddle and have a pity party. However, this should never be our response. We don’t need to be obnoxious to people who may not be ready for the gospel, but the one thing we can always do is pray for them.

And the other thing we can do is continue to make ourselves available to the Lord for ministry. This is what Paul does. Luke has an interesting way to describe this in verse 11: “And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul.” God was doing it—but he was using the hands of Paul.

Famously, John Calvin’s motto was, “My heart, as if aflame, I offer to you, O Lord.” The heart must come first, but Paul, with his undaunted commitment to the gospel, also offered his hands for God’s use. Just as in Paul’s day, God is looking for willing and ready hands to do extraordinary work. —John Koedyker

As you pray, offer your hands to do God’s work.

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