the Next Generation

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The Next Generation
August 24, 2021

Read: Psalm 78:1-12

. . . that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, and arise and tell them to their children, so that they should set their hope in God (vv. 6-7)

I am a Christian today not because of some powerful evangelist, although I have heard some good ones. Not because of my pastors, although they were very faithful. In human terms, I am a Christian because I saw in the lives of my parents that a person’s relationship to Jesus Christ is more important than anything else in the world.

The psalmist mentions again and again that we must pass on the faith to the next generation. How can we do that? Like my parents, to have Jesus Christ as the top priority of life, and especially to be sincere in our faith. Nothing will drive our children away from Christ as much as our hypocrisy.

As the psalmist says, we must talk to them about our spiritual heritage. But above all we must live out that heritage in the presence of our children.

They see whether your family devotions are important to you. They see how you use your finances. They see if shabby excuses keep you from worship. The most important factor in leading your children to Christ is example, example, example. It is also very important to pray for them, to pray, pray, pray. —Harry Buis

As you pray, give the children in your life to God. Ask for his help in being a positive example of faith in their lives.

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