A New Body

A New Body

By Laura Sweet on January 13, 2022

Read: 1 Corinthians 15:48-58

This mortal body must put on immortality. (v. 53)

Eventually, everything will wear itself out. Cars, refrigerators, your smartphone and your favorite pair of jeans—they will either break or wear out or become obsolete. The same is true of these fragile bodies in which we live. It’s true that nowadays you can get some “replacement parts” (a new knee or hip, for example). But we know that, despite medical innovations, our bodies, too, will return to the dust from which they came.

Adam was made of dust, and so are we—our mortal bodies bear this image. But Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 15 that God’s children also bear the image of “the man of heaven”—Jesus Christ (vv. 48-49). Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, our mortal bodies will be raised from the dead, and they will be changed! We shall be given new bodies that are immortal and imperishable. It is in our new, resurrected body that we will see Christ’s final victory over sin and death, and we shall reign with him forever.

The Westminster Catechism states: “All the dead shall be raised up with the selfsame bodies, and none other” (chap. 32, sec. 2). As a believer your glorified, resurrected body will still be you—but with some definite upgrades! Strong, healthy, eternal—and gloriously delivered from sin and death. This is another blessing to look forward to as God makes us—and all things—new. —Laura N. Sweet

As you pray, thank God for this promise of a resurrected body someday in his eternal kingdom.

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